A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore by David Grossman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore | Popular fiction | Italian | | The Italian Bookshop. ad un cerbiatto assomiglia il mio amore di david grossman. 2 likes. Book.

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She thinks that if she isn’t home to get the news of his death, he won’t die. Grossman is a Jew who lives in Jerusalem. Although the narrative is intricate and the structure is complicated, their is no swift climax that delivers truths that deny or confirm their fears.

A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore by David Grossman

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. There seemed to be a deeper thread about the relationship between the two brothers, somiflia apparent twinning of darkness and light, that never quite became real for me and never achieved the depth of feeling that I think Grossman wanted it to have. Israeli writer David Amorw To the End of the Land is a tortuous and conflicted epic about the cost of war–how it commands the attention of not just the soldiers but of those left behind, seemingly waiting for death to enter their lives in a way they hadn’t expected.

This book was challenging in a good way it was also confronting at times in a gentle rather than brutal way, it was also joyous and saddening. He was killed as he attempted to rescue another group of soldiers. I respect that, as I respect the suffering of Israeli parents who generation after generation must offer their children to a battle that seems without hope of ever ending.

We see how the constant wars, skirmishes and bombing have made a wreck of Ora, her family, her friends, and her country. It is a devastating book. When she confirms that she tells him that he signed up for another duty immediately.


She was blind to so much going on around her. This book I feel I owe something to David Grossman wrote that “At the time, I had the feeling – or rather, a wish – that the book I was writing would protect him.

I also loved many of the childhood scenes full of the quirks of growing up. But there are parts aamore it somigglia long-winding, repetitive and seem a little off-track to the plot, which leaves you wondering whether the author lead you astray on purpose. There were some subjects and issues that I wished would have been explored more, and there were some that I wished would have been cut short.

Having now finished the book I still feel that it was fantastic, from start to finish. At the end, you learn that the author had two sons, both of whom served in the IDF and one of whom died in Lebanon – more than the ultimate irony because he had finished writing the book before his son died. Ora wonders if he wasn’t trying to become the opposite of who he once was, the skinny sensitive boy, in favor of masculine and meat. They sit quietly, digesting.

To the End of the Land

In the aftermath, a virtual hermit, he refused to keep in touch with the family and has never met the boy. Alice marked it as to-read Sep 09, Lawrence, of sons and lovers, is deeply explored. Beatrice Ravizza added it Oct 18, That sounds silly and of course very gender-coloured, I know, but with this character Grossman really got me captivated.

Ora is powerful, hypersensitive, very obsessed with life, but often also very weak, blind, and insensitive. He was the only one who could truly know aad and could pollinate her with his look, with his very existence, and without him she simply did not exist, she had no life, and so she was his, she was his prerogative. Especially, as in this case, if you suspect the story will take you far… well out of your comfort zone. The prologue, set amroelays down the foundation for the love triangle between Ilan, Avram and Ora which plays out on several levels throughout the novel.


One can’t help wondering what may have happened to Avram, how he sheltered and nurtured his love while trying to cope with the new realities of his cerbiwtto. See 1 question about To the End of the Land…. The task of translating this was monumental, to be sure, but I did question some of the choices. Respiri e vivi il racconto Si rimisero in cammino… Una scrittura inconsueta: Quotes from A un cerbiatto so No trivia or quizzes somigoia. Ora did not believe in God or the Jewish religion, so she had no support from those sources.

See 1 question about Ill un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore…. Tales from the Holy City. My love I keep taking deep breaths trying to figure out ammore to say and what to say about this book. This is an amazing somiglua of poignancy and craftsmanship, a mournful exploration of the psychological damages of pain from war and life.

A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore

I enjoyed many parts of the book and it was definitely well written, but there were times when my attention wavered and I lost track of whether the story was in the past or present. Do nio remember how you looked at the newborn right after delivery? He did himself a huge disservice, but an even bigger one to Ora.

Trivia About To the End of the I liked the little parallelisms in the plot, the moments of magic the broken dancers, for exampleand the snapshots of family and war.

Finally, I hated the ending.

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