– Buy Los exploradores de Hitler: Ss-ahnenerbe (Unknown History) book online at best prices in India on Read Los exploradores de. The Oera Linda Book is a manuscript written in a form of Old Frisian, purporting to cover was the immediate impulse for the foundation of the Ahnenerbe Nazi “think tank” by Himmler and Wirth, together with Richard Walther DarrĂ©. Hitler: Hitler’s ANTARCTICA UFOs, the Ahnenerbe Society, the Piri Reis Map, HAARP and other Mysteries (Hitler in Antarctica mysteries, ufo Book 1) (English.

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Mar 08, Amanda rated it it was amazing. As a result many important Nazis escaped virtually unscathed from denazification.

If Poland came under German rule, Polish farmers could be dispossessed and their lands distributed to the more capable and superior German farmers.

One chapter of roughly ten pages had more than fifty end notes. View all 7 comments. And what was that worldview? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lo que nos cuenta. Among the many goals of the new order was encouragement of a return to agriculture and to a land-oriented lifestyle with small villages, close-knit relationships, and so on.

Jun 22, Mikko rated it really liked it Shelves: Simply stated, it was that an extremely ancient race called the Aryans, a race preceding the Egyptians, Sumerians, and their known predecessors, was the source of both western civilization and of German heritage.

A brilliant history of the “Ahnenerbe”, a “research” wing of the SS, created by Heinrich Himmler in to search for lost Nordic artifacts and influences throughout the world. Trivia About The Master Plan: At the end of the day, setting aside the kooks-and there were plenty of those, there were some seriously brilliant and talented scholars who worked in the Ahnenerbe. Mar 28, Sud rated it really liked it Shelves: This has the advantage of significantly abbreviating the test period.

Starting off from the theosophy and kindred New Age movements which were popular in early 20th century Germany, Pringle demonstrates convincingly that the Ahnenerbe went on to take these theories, rooted in beliefs of deeply-hidden conspiracies and long-forgotten similarities and secret bloodlines, and make them the central justifications for major Nazi goals including the Holocaust and the planned colonization of central and eastern Europe.


It makes wrenching chapters bearable to read. Can you see a potential problem here, too? Themes running through the Oera Linda Book include catastrophismnationalismmatriarchyand mythology.

Herman Wirth, who helped Himmler create the Ahnenerbe, was arrested by the Americans. The writing is smooth and keeps your interest. I also enjoy the final post script chapter where the author was finally allowed to interview with former Nazi racial expert Bruno Berger in Konigstein in Ahnenerb basic librk led to the thinking that great civilizations throughout history–the Persians, the Romans and even Ti A brilliant history of the “Ahnenerbe”, a “research” wing of the SS, created by Heinrich Himmler in to search for lost Nordic artifacts and influences throughout the world.

Most of the Ahnenerbe’s staff–all academics and doctors–went onto academic careers in German universities after the war. The Ahnenerbe employed a wide array of scholars: Da li bi uspeli? It made me wonder what it must have be It’s oddly fascinating to read the litany of bizarre things Himmler and like-minded Nazi scientists were willing to believe.

Want to Read saving…. Many escaped punishment but all, to a man, showed no remorse and no regret for their actions.

The Master Plan: Himmler’s Scholars and the Holocaust

No trivia or quizzes yet. Nov 03, Eloy rated it liked it. That, and the willingness to use any specious reasoning and no specious reasoning at all, explains their entire ideology. But a Spiegel reporter dug up his Nazi past and dashed any hopes of a comeback.

It’s when the “science” moves from archeology to medicine that this book gets so much more difficult to read, as Holocaust-related books tend to ahnenerne.

The Master Plan: Himmler’s Scholars and the Holocaust by Heather Pringle

She’s clear, direct, and plain in the facts without reveling in gory details. To be fair, many of these scientists and academics were Nazi’s themselves- by choice. It founded expeditions into areas as diverse as Finland to Tibet. The public defeat of Himmler’s scholarly brand of “esoteric Nordicism” qhnenerbe in the foundation of Ahnenerbe, which attracted occultists such as Karl Maria Wiligut and was viewed with suspicion by the mainstream National Socialist ideologues of Amt Rosenberg.

Oera Linda Book – Wikipedia

The Nazi solution, we know, was to expunge all sources of impurity: Nov 10, David Bales rated it it was amazing Shelves: Himmler, the head of the SS, was convinced that ancient German tribes seeded cultures in India, Tibet, It was the Ur-Race from which we all sprang.


This goal seems to conflict with the notion of the Aryan origins of civilization by ignoring the obvious fact that few operas were written by farmers, few technological innovations were generated by agriculture beyond those unique to agricultureand farm workers were not well represented among modern scientists.

As a historical work the book is excellent, documenting the numerous efforts and theories of the Ahnenerbe, the importance the Nazis placed on bolstering their ide An extensively researched history of the Ahnenerbe, an institution set up by Nazi Germany to carry out research into racial history and biology. But then, when I read translated memoranda which happily say that, with Operation Barbarossa, Nazi phrenologists will be at last able to overcome the shortage of Jewish skulls that bedevilled them, and how some researchers hoped to use human sacrifice to tap ancient mystic energies for great weapons like Thor’s lightning bolts, I stopped disbelieving.

Heather Pringle’s easy to read and fascinating look at the shadowy organization that propagated the various racial theories that formed the basis of Nazi science. I’ve read entire history books that didn’t have that many citations!

Clearly, writing is an essential characteristic of civilization, and since the Aryan civilization predated those with known writing forms, there must be an earlier form of writing, an aboriginal writing by the Ur-Race, that permeated all later civilizations and gave the Aryans primacy in kick-starting civilization.

The Master Plan does a very good job of presenting the history of the Ahnenerbe in an easily read format. Pringle does an excellent job of prefacing the entire story with a look into Heinrich Himmler, his upbringing and beliefs. It is purported to have been compiled in the 6th century BC from a mixture of contemporary writings and ancient inscriptions.

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