Asterix – Asteriks u Svajcarskoj (ORIGINAL) Originalno francusko izdanje 48 str u boji Tvrde korice Astérix – Astérix chez les hélvètes – n. Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL) Originalno francusko izdanje Odlicno Knjige · Stripovi · Evropski i ostali stripovi; Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL) . Politikina izdanja Asteriksa /Asterix & Obelix/ u prevodu Ivana Klajna. Uz Asteriks stripove dolazi i jedan Talični Tom (Na tragu braće Dalton). Spisak stripova: 1.

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Popular Stripovi Books

So picking asteri favorite is kind of like choosing your favorite child. The most memorable character of the book is Ptenisnet the Egyptian volunteer who believes that he is actually on a package holiday!!! The young Obelix lacks his usual great strength. All Black-white Color Cover: Our brave hero’s actually join the Roman army!

But the Gauls and their fellow recruits have a smashing trip stipovi. The story ends with the usual banquet for the villagers and Sinisitus, making it the first banquet featuring a Roman as a guest.

The two enlist in the army and, along with a colorful collection of recruits from around the Roman empire, travel to Africa for the war against Scipio and attempt to track dow A humorous entry in the series, aaterix tale is mostly a parody of two things: Other stories that share a dramatic turn include Asterix and Son where the village is destroyed and Asterix and the Magic Carpet.

Cleopatra appears in this album alongside Julius Caesar; but her physical appearance is quite different from that seen in the album Asterix and Cleopatra, in that she is here darker-skinned and shorter-nosed, and is never shown in her characteristic irascibility. Along with Tintin, these books were the first ones that showed me comic books could be more than super heroes.

Darkwood Online prodavnica stripova | Comic Archive

Sep 14, Amalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: All Soft Hard On sale: By the time this was written inGoscinny and Uderzo were peaking as a creative team. Asterix and Obelix promise to get him and bring him to the village.


Uderzo continued to illustrate and write through his retirement inkeeping I would venture to guess that the vast majority of European children from the early s through today have read some, if not all, Asterix comic books.

Believing the Romans are about to attack, the Gauls prepare for battle. There’s a hilarious section that follows about them joining the army, training, etc.

Asterix the Legionary (Asterix, #10) by René Goscinny

I laughed as they constantly thwarted Julius Caesar, I loved traveling with them to every corner of Europe and north Africa and when Uderzo took over both duties, as far away as America and Persiaas they competed in the Olympics in Greece, and built the great pyramids. Well, any love sick individual would probably sit back, wait until he is killed, and then make his move, but not Asterix and Obelix — they are too noble and honourable to do that, so they do what any good and noble person would do in such a situation — they join the Roman army to go off and rescue him.

Not only are these great books in their original French, but they are possibly the most brilliant translations ever done! These French comics were written by Rene Goscinny, who died inand illustrated by Albert Uderzo. Nov 05, Tom rated it it was amazing Shelves: A slapstick comedy look at ancient his For the girl he secretly has a crush on, Obelix volunteers himself and Asterix to find her missing fiance.

Jun 29, Nicola rated it really liked it Shelves: Before the inevitable happy ending, the combination of the story, strpiovi and asteris work flow together perfectly.

I’ve read this volume at least once a year since Return to Book Page. Along the way, the Gauls and the rest of the recruits annoy the hell out of their two centurions and make a mockery of everything related to military discipline. Mar 18, Laura rated it really liked it.


May 14, Subu rated it it was amazing. Lists with This Book. The Atlas Archives edition does an excellent job highlighting the various contexts that shaped and illuminated the creation of the book, with nice reproductions of documents photos accompanied with informative commentary.

Realizing his life is in danger, Sinusitus sends for the druid Getafix, who instantly identifies the malady as attempted murder by poison.

They were translated into virtually every language in the world. Paperback48 pages. Originalno francusko izdanje Odlicno ocuvano, 48 str u boji Tvrde Korice Kod nas je ova ta epizoda Asteriksa objavljena samo kao piratsko izdanje Asterix and Obelix All at Sea French: This was one of those sorts – the incredibly clever Asterix and Obelix series so wonderfully translated into English.

If you have children or grandchildren, there are volumes that include asteix editions in English. Obelix is notoriously innocent and not too bright. One of the best!

Even native speakers need the glossaries to understand many of the dialects, which cover every corner of the country. If you know anything about those two you won’t be surprised to hear that they blithely ignore astsrix army rules and regulations and drive their commanding officers quite insane with their antics.

Funnier and more engaging than most. The Gauls head homeward, while the freed slaves remain on Atlantis as children forever.

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