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Authentic historical model x x mm H0 Bahnbauten Railway structures 8. Originalmodell the village church This church provides a most attractive addition to our North German-Prussian series of models. Windows, corrugated iron roof, Victorian cast iron architectural features like door frames, ridge turrets, aunagen. Originalmodell Typical small arrivals building with goods shed, separate entrance to the cafe, wall clock etc. The two-storey house has been beautified with half-timbering and has a balcony and back gate.

It is helpful to use a colorful plastic part to trying it out, before you will do so with the clear windows. Allow yourself to be inspired by model railway construction. Our elaborate kit systems or additional products mean that we have ideas that fit perfectly, especially for beginners and individualists.

Modest single-family house with balcony and large window in the rear. Authentic small town house with corner pub. Suitability track systems for following Auhagen-products: For Era 1 on. Be very careful to only use the smallest possible amount and to keep your tools free from glue! Die Schranken sind beweglich und zum Ein- bau eines Servos vorbereitet. The rear facades and gable roofs are of brick.

Our blue and grey benches catalgo tools of all kind will generate a realistic atmosphe- re. The floor is equipped with track corresponding to our narrow gauge rail- way track parts No.


Auhagen Newsletter

The bridge pillars are now complete. Originalmodell Built arounda typical residential building found alone or in row near factories, sometimes with the plant office on the ground floor and apartments above.

This item extend our No.

Kasten aus stabiler Mikrowelle. The doors to the engine shed are not moveable, but can be affixed either open or closed. Der Kompressor hat eine andere vorbild- gerechte Bereifung als im Art. Air pipes and air flues for window and roof, fins ventilators, consoles and blind windows are included.

Plan individual buildings and implement your own building projects.

One three-storey and one four-storey buil- ding with shops on the ground floor. Holz- und Stahlschwingtore liegen zur wahlweisen Nutzung bei. Originalmodell On line between Dresden and Chemnitz. Use pipe conduits, ventilation and exhaust systems, outdoor stairs, window lattices and more to design your building just the way you want it.

Eine Auswahl liegt bei. Besonders attraktiv sind der Kellereingang und der Lichtschacht mit Lattenrost. Each 8 pieces H0 Bahnbauten Railway structures Clearance without track 88 mm Clear width mm x x mm 43 H0. Beim Aufkleben empfehlen wir einen Tapetenroller zu nutzen. Carefully use tweezers to insert the delicate lattices.

Modellbahn Modellbau Kataloge

Single family house with dormer window, wooden gables and balcony. The brick extension at the back was formerly the bakery, and the little wooden house still serves as an outhouse. You are able to design annexes as you wish with our accessory sheets Nos.

Designing and planning made easy. Humbrol or Revell matt paints, a range of sable paint bru- shes, craft knife, flat needle files, sharp crayons, Fineliner. Can be worked on their own or in conjunction with Wall stone sheet No. You can achieve greater compara tive authenticity with the original if you scratch diagonal lines into them every 2 cm with a scribing iron. The Auhagen model railway accessories planning aids provide you with many suggestions and tips on the Auhagen modular system – including a detailed description of all basic models and individual items of the modular system H0.


Using a Pipette No.

Originalmodell The original of this coaling crane was built in and is now located in Chemnitz, in Sa- xony region of Germany. A wide variety of windows, window frames, doors, gates, dormer windows, skirting boards, rails, etc.

Constructed in segments, the length can be extended and several halls can be put together. You decide the period catallogo which your model scene occurs by your choice of the passengers clothing.

Levers, ladders and railings are made of stable cardboard in laser cut technology. The individual parts are designed so that a large freight station or warehouse can be built from two kits. Rural type railways, similar to the one at Wittenburg, were also built in cities, only larger, of course.

The significantly eased the loading procedures for stream locomo- tives. Building 74 x 39 x 37 mm 11 11 H0 Bahnbauten Railway structures

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