The picture to your left was released by a professor by the name of Bruno Sammaciccia. A Catholic historian with degrees in psychology and psychiatry, he was. Results 1 – 27 of 27 Das Eucharistie-Wunder von Lanciano: Bestätigung der Echtheit durch die Wissenschaft by Bruno Sammaciccia and a great selection of. 1 Is ‘i’»^ III □~^~^^ly f s 8 6 § I met Bruno Sammaciccia in , when, together with the journalist Bruno, I travelled towards Pescara to meet him at home.

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The Friendship Case May 1, The Friendship Case Space Brothers teach lessons of brotherhood by Gerard Aartsen Ongoing contacts between dozens of Italians and the Space Brruno during the course of two decades demonstrate the loving, supportive and respectful way in which the Space Brothers approach those of us on Earth. I have a picture of a garden, where some railings are present; how may I compute its planimetry?

Then we have those who sammaciccai born here; they have an alien DNA but take a human body with a human DNA, so we can call these ones hybrids. Once having taken railings into account, I decided to take the main character away from the picture, in order to better understand the geometry of the railings:.


Sammaciccia, Bruno [WorldCat Identities]

Jaime Maussan flew to Milano the 11th of May and he filmed interviews for two days. All of them are of subtle, etheric, not dense physical, matter.

I hope that my modest work may induce people better qualified than myself to scientifically analize sammqciccia picture. Sultan Kose is a Turkish basket-ball player, 2.

Paola also teaches courses in the Exopolitics Institute Certification Program click banner below to learn more. From 3 to 3.

Sammaciccia, Bruno

The game is always afoot and a beautiful experience awaits all upon waking. My search found out some railings, almost in-visible in the dark, that surround the garden where the picture had been taken.

There are also people who wish to consider you a guru, how do you manage them in these situations?

And what now, in ? One night they told me I would be having a pleasant visit.

In my case, as I was unaware of the height and the reciprocal distance of the bars, I was believing that it should have been sufficient to project the bars unto the ground, so that, estimating a distance be-tween each couple, an unit of measure could be derived, able to allow to compute the di-mensions of the other objects present in the picture.

Il miracolo eucaristico di Lanciano: Our body is constantly in communication and interaction with its environment. It is very difficult to evaluate this type of case that has films, photographs and artifacts. Going beyond history means initiating a different story, the adventure of our shared liberation from imposed scripts. It is ignorance and fear that drives the governments to act as they do.


When these feelings are very strong I go to certain places. Some of them are totally alien and came here when they were already adults. What do you think are the most important parts of this book? Will they disclose their presence in the Future? In short, a man 1. Resonance occurs when the frequency between the transmitter and receiver are the same. Yes, he has a house and works on Earth. They emanate an energy so strong you can feel uneasy.

We know they contacted the Vatican through certain cardinals. I knew I had to go to a bar and wait for them. This happened to you in The sun affects our lives to a much larger extend than what we have been aware of so far. Perhaps the two things together Also in my book I say that those who were my controllers, I call them abductors, those who imprisoned me, were the same ones who gave me my new freedom.

There are no alternatives.

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