A Bruxa de Portobello has ratings and reviews. Huda said: ونجح باولو كويلو في أن يجعلني أعطي نجمة واحدة لكتاب يمجد قداسة الأنثى-_-الرواي. Na obra de Paulo Coelho não faltam personagens fortes. São homens e mulheres que, para encontrar seu próprio caminho, precisam enfrentar a sociedade e. : A Bruxa De Portobello () by Paulo Coelho and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at.

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What IS there, you ask? None of the characters felt particularly developed. I didn’t care for it from several angles. No matter, they’ll be put together anyhow!

Maybe there’s some good advice in here, but you’d need to be awake to absorb it. I left it on a plane with angry notes scrawled in the margins. Retrieved from ” https: It took me 9 months to make it halfway through and I Update: It’s no good even for poking fun at.

The Witch of Portobello Portuguese: She goes into a London University to pursue Engineering at the age of 19 but it’s not what her heart wanted. If you feel like xe have too many brain cells and would wish to destroy half of them, read this book. All the Coelho books I bought on a whim are now going into the attic until I can hawk them at some yardsale.


Didn’t like, at all. Insult was added to injury when all the other characters weren’t any more significant to my senses.

A Bruxa de Portobello [The Witch of Portobello] : Paulo Coelho :

I’ve lived on a battlefield since I was born, but I’m still alive and I don’t need anyone to portoebllo me. I tried so hard to like Athena but she sounded like some woman on crack. Moreover, Coelho’s philosophy doesn’t just fail to function, it’s also actively harmful. The Witch of Portobello 1 36 Aug 14, Portobelo, if you reference Maronite Christians, but it doesn’t add a damn thing to your story, you don’t have to interrupt a thought to tell me what their sect believes.

I will be currently reading this book forever. As the book begins, Athena is dead. As a child, she shows a strong religious vocation and reports seeing angels and saints, which both impresses and worries her parents. One character can get away with that in a book, but all of them? A well written book with vague and idiotic ideas.

Witch of Portobello – GoodReviews writing contest in March. If you refer to Dracula being the work of an Irishman who never visited Transylvania, I get that it’s Bram Stoker without being told, thanks.


She seemed so one-dimensional and just plain crazy! I This is not a novel — it’s a treatise. Dr is stiff and completely artificial. I plan to read more of his books in brruxa future, but for now, I’m done. The Witch of Portobello complete and free! Not only that but some of Coelho ideas are porttobello in a pretty fuzzy manner, so abstract as to be nonsensical.

Maybe it just needs to be read one more time, but couldn’t bare to finish it to the very end frankly. Coelho probably believes that every human being has a divine essence that’s the same for everyone, because every single one of his POV characters has the same preachy voice explaining the same shitty philosophy in the same pompous manner. But I think, I could’ve used my time better.

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