The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger: Poor Charlie’s Almanack, Seeking Wisdom, The Most Important Thing, and A Few Lessons for Invenstors and. Poor Charlie’s Almanack has ratings and reviews. Ian said: Best known as Warren Buffett’s long-time and media-shy investment partner, and as th. Poor Charlie\ almanack: rhc \\It:tnd “”dom of Charles T.\Iunger I edited b’ .. well, all thanks to the wit, wisdom, speeches, and writings of Charlie Munger-this.

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More humility would go much longer way and, fairly speaking, I’m not interested about what business partners or mynger think about the author’s personality, especially taking into account psychological bias to speak nicely and sugar-coat in such circumstances – the book consists of a dozen of public talks given by Charlie Munger on various occasions.

Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger by Charles T. Munger

We have the priceless benefit of other people’s experience, conveniently compiled into books, so why should we learn all of life’s hard lessons ourselves? Dubrovina Oxana shared Aomanac Insider ‘s post.

I didn’t get to where I am by going after mediocre opportunities. I think that I am qualified to speak only when I’ve reached that state.

After reading Seeking Wisdom you probably long for more Munger wisdom. Munger by Charles T.

Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger

The book is filled with r This is likely the most important book I’ve read to date. May 27, Douglas rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don’t deny that there is wisdom as well as wit within this book, but Munger’s basic points could be distilled into: His approach of adopting the best mental models from all disciplines applies to anyone.

Chxrlie is an effective, but somewhat inefficient structure as many ideas, examples and thoughts are repeated multiple times thorough the book. He talks at length about psychology and how important it is and how it can be improved, along with lots of other b I feel like I rate every book 5 stars these days, but there are just so many great books.


So for all who love mental models, frameworks and behavioral phenomenons in general. It will help you develop a multidisciplinary mental model approach needed to solve problems using different perspectives from different disciplines. When we look at a business only through the books they keep, that is from only a financial perspective, we might miss seeing potential pitfalls of the business’s management, or the almaanac of their research, or the unique market that they might be creating.

The first part consists of Munger’s life stories, as well as what close friends and family say about Munger. Aug 10, Nicholas Piva rated it it was amazing. This isn’t just a self help book, this is alamnac a great business book with lessons you won’t learn in school.

Charlie Munger is the long serving vice-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. This is not a book about finance, or how to beat the market — nothing so narrow in scope.

A life lesson I’ve learned: And he fashions himself a modern day Benjamin Franklin, hence the title of the book. Ultimately, this is a book about how one of the most successful investors in history has structured his way of thinking. This looks like a correct reality to me.

If you’re completely new to economics, cognitive psych, complexity theory, evolution as well as a couple of the other subjects Munger touches on, don’t let my review dissuade you, you’ll likely benefit from this book more than I did. Poor Charlie got on my list because Drew Houston of Dropbox said it was one of the best books he had ever read. I wonder if he’s read it. Things that stood out to me from Charlie Munger: Thanks for telling us about the problem. There Poor Charlie got on my list because Drew Houston of Dropbox said it was one of the best books he had ever read.


Most people seem to like this book a lot more than I did.

The Best of Farnam Street HardcoverExpanded Second Editionpages. Munger would patiently sit on tens of millions of dollars for months or years, waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Mozart became the most famous composer in the alanac but was charkie miserable most of the time, and one of the reasons was because he always overspent his income. I’m not gonna praise Munger’s wisdom almanax. He is a life long learner.

He goes over memorized checklists to understand psychological effects and how they compound on each other. Munger’s exposition is great for beginners. December 28 at On airplanes I read the instructions on the back of the seats. Buffett – the abominable no man. This book brings together his investing thoughts beyond his famous [ citation needed ] statement “I have nothing to add. This collection of ‘Big Ideas from Big Disciplines’ contains an iconoclastic checklist for decision-making.

I don’t believe it is at all misplaced though it did lead to several more book purchases.

Poor Charlie’s Almanack – Wikipedia

I thought about docking a star for that, but it seemed a bit too on the nose of that cliche about judging books by their cover. December 10 at 3: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. That kind of decision-making skill can serve every area of our lives. Charlie’s life has been described in the prior part of the book with various stories from him about his childhood, his marriage, his lost son to leukemia and many more.

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