How to Read Donald Duck is a book-length essay by Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart .. Both the Spanish title Para Leer al Pato Donald and the literal English title How to Read Donald .. 41–45; ^ Jump up to: McClennen ( ), p. by Ariel Dorfman First published Sort by. title, original Para Leer al Pato Donald: Comunicación de Masas y Colonialismo (Paperback). Published Para acceder al conocimiento, que es una forma de poder, no podemos seguir suscribiendo con la vista y la lengua vendadas, los rituales de iniciación con que .

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How to Read Donald Duck analyzes the internal ethical logic of the Disney comics. The symbol is directed at children, in order to cultivate their raw and self-indulgent egoism. Kunzle recognized that the stories contained elements of satire and social realismelements often lacking in the world of comics.

Para leer al pato Donald. Comunicación de masas y colonialismo

He believes Mattslart projected his own experience as an underpaid cartoonist onto Donald Duckand views some of his stories as satires “in which the imperialist Duckburgers [ sic ] [note 1] come off looking as foolish as—and far meaner than—the innocent Third World natives”. The Disney comics and their characters were mobilized in a propaganda campaign against the supposed tyrantAllende.

He did not become involved with the rebelliousness of Berkeley’s youth culturefearing that the authorities would deport him from the country. It was worth it for him to accept the lower rates, in order “to have the freedom to write whatever I wanted to write”. In translating the original American stories, Latin American publishers were often able to rewrite them and to add their own, ideologically- conservative texts to them.


The flaw of the book, however, is that it focuses on Walt Disney as a man, and not on The Walt Disney Company as a corporation. In effect, he produced works of media studies.

Tomlinson questions whether this presence translates to cultural imperialism. In his view this argument had not aged a bit by the s.

Mattelart was a professor-researcher in the Academy of the National Reality, affiliated with the Pontifical Paraa University of Chile. Donald Duck may constantly lose jobs, because of his own incompetence.

John Berger would later define the work as a handbook for decolonization. In the Chilean Spanish translation of dorfmqn story, the nephews want to teach them to stand at attention in the presence of their superiors. The stories feature products which are bought, sold, and consumed. According to McClennen, the book has had a “seminal impact” on theories of art and society within the region.

According to McClennen, the Disney comics are insidious, masquerading themselves as innocent and light-hearted entertainment. Overcopies of the work had been sold. There is a question of how much cultural impact doefman media texts have gained.

They used this freedom to create press campaigns against Allende’s government and its reform programme.

How to Read Donald Duck – Wikipedia

This means the concept of the family is destroyed within their context. In their view, the characters’ dialogues lerr interactions displayed a world dominated by race and class-based hierarchies; the very world which Salvador Allende and his supporters were attempting to reject.

The idea of the work that there was a rigid equation between the media of the United States and American imperialism has, however, been questioned and revised by later works. He was able to hide for a while, first within an underground network of leftists and then within the home of the ambassador of Israel.


He became part of a successful socialist revolutionsone of the few of its kind to rise in power through peaceful means. This took place c. In JanuaryCharles Krauthammer wrote an article on how Walt Disney World represented a “triumph of discipline and simplification” and argued that it was a vision of Japan in America. The citizens of Duckburg are depicted working in jobs of this sector, as delivery boys, hairdressers, night watchmen, salespeople, etc.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. The publishing house was also responsible for the publication of a number of magazines. He was advised to flee the country for his own safety, but was initially reluctant to do so.

Editions of How to Read Donald Duck: Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic by Ariel Dorfman

He was both writing and drawing his own stories for most of his career, with little editorial supervision. America is presented in the book as a class enemy. Carl Barks did not have to submit odnald for approval to his editors and was working with a degree of autonomy from the Disney empire.

According to Andrae, Carl Barks did not even know dormfan his cartoons were read outside the United States in the s. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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