The DULCOMETER D1C for wall mounting or control panel installation is a measuring transducer and controller featuring microprocessor technology and. DULCOMETER® D1C panel/wall mount controllers. What do I need to order with a D1C? Chlorine. pH. ORP. D1C Controller. D1C controller. D1C controller. PROMINENT type: DULCOMETER D1C based on microprocessor technology Product: Single loop -Mess and control unit: VAC 50 / 60Hz products as an.

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ProMinent provides effective solutions for eliminating legionella and other pathogens in the long term. See all results for products. Only with limit value relay limit 1 lower limit 2 upper Ultra-pure or low-chloride and low-chlorate sodium-calcium hypochlorite requires specialist system technology.

Flexible, safe and always the optimum resolution of measured value.

Soft water reduces the likelihood of operating system failure and ensures that the pool attractions look their very best. Accurate measured values and a high degree of monitoring and process reliability are guaranteed.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Control, regulate and monitor chemical processes with the aid of precise measured values. Sort by A to Z. Waste Water Treatment Very low-impact treatment for waste water. They are dulcomrter, compact and make safe, simple measurement possible.

Access to all setting menus can be blocked with an access code!

ProMinent DULCOMETER D1C Type D Operating Instructions Manual

Determine the installation factor using the data from the sensor documentation and the installation geometry. It is ideal for use in swimming pools, hot tubs or spa and wellness facilities. The diaphragm metering pump offers a wide range of power end versions, even for Exe and Exde areas with ATEX certification. Please completely read through the operating instructions! Can be used for potable water, waste water, process water, swimming pool water and in cooling towers.


Fresh bedding and dupcometer towels in rooms, spotlessly clean dishes and fine dining in the restaurant — desalinated and germ-free water dullcometer absolutely essential.

To guarantee an end product fit for purpose, Dukcometer ensures optimum water quality at every stage of production, thereby reliably complying with statutory hygiene standards.

DULCOMETER Controller D1C series

Grenzwert1 unten limit1 lower 1. Chlorine dioxide system for production of a chlorine-free chlorine dioxide solution, especially suitable for multiple points of injection. Monitoring and Replenishing of Electroplating Baths Demanding baths require concentration. Chlorination and pH value adjustment from a single system. Flocculants allow the smallest of particles to be removed from the swimming pool water. Very low-impact treatment for waste water. ProMinent’s treatment systems enable you to provide outstanding quality water all year round.

Robust, low-noise, chemical-resistant, with precise metering and good suction capacity. Extremely simple duocometer, clear construction, analogue control, manual control or via contacts.

Fish farms and also the fish processing industry therefore face the huge challenge of producing goods quickly and hygienically. These parts make it easy to install and connect controllers.

The use of metering technology and water treatment solutions may vary considerably depending on the industry and application. No one wants to drink brown water. Maximum output and safety due to special reactor concept. After the water has been treated, its quality should not change. Can be used in water treatment or industrial process waters with strict requirements. Generation of sodium hypochlorite solution for smaller swimming pools and sulcometer The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems.


DULCOMETER Controller D1C series

Reduce conductivity mea val. Precise, reliable and application-adapted measured values in real time. No more matches available! It can be disastrous for any hotel if guests come down with legionella and seek claims for damages from the company. So it’s very important for them to reach the consumer in a safe condition.

Menu-driven operation is possible in 20 languages. Disinfected water is essential to both industries. Defining the control range places a maximum limit on the control range used. All-purpose solenoid-driven metering pump for metering liquid media in water treatment and chemical processes: A large share of the bakery products we consume today are manufactured by machine.

Virtually wear-free, extremely economical and with a self-bleeding dosing head design. These systems are easy to install, provide even safer disinfection and significantly lower operating costs at the same time. Safe, convenient and clear, thanks to the large illuminated graphic display, plain text operating menu and pH sensor monitoring. Modern compact systems are increasingly taking the place of chlorine for conventional disinfection. Photometers measure nearly all disinfectants and the pH value based on the photometric dulcometet.

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