Lesiones nerviosas agudas en fracturas supracondileas del húmero en niños. Rev Mex Ortop Ped ; 1 (2). Language: Español References: Page: Presentación del tema: “Fracturas supracondileas complejas del humero”— . 26 niños remitidos a este centro por mano rosada sin pulso con seguimiento. Clasificación de las fracturas de Müller AO. Placas en puente sobre la conminución. Atornillado transversal simple o placa.

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There were two late ulnar neurapraxias, and two direct nerve injuries during K-wire insertion, one to the ulnar and one to the radial nerve. Se continuar a navegar, consideramos que aceita o seu uso. The authors state that postoperative ulnar nerve palsies usually resolve spontaneously, and they believe that in most cases of postoperative ulnar nerve palsy observation is ppropriate.

The importance of a thorough initial neurological supracondileae vascular examination, as well as subsequent examinations immediately after treatment and during recovery is emphasized. One of these two children had been transferred 48 h after injury, resulting in delay of management of his vascular impairment.

La alta es por encima de la fosa olecraniana. The authors concluded that uncomplicated supracondylar fxs could be treated early or delayed.

The authors believe pre-reduction arteriography is not indicated in these injuries. J Bone Joint Surg ; 72A: Utrillas-Compaired aC. Explorar si persisten los signos de isquemia.

Biomechanical analysis suggests that both the torsional moment and the shear supracondikeas generated across the capitellar physis by a routine fall are increased by varus malalignment.

J Should Elbow Surg: No significant differences in perioperative complications were identified. CiteScore measures average citations received per document published. Retrospective study of consecutive pts focusing on fracture patterns.

Fractura Supracondilea De Humero –

Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg ; Mapes R, Hennrikus W. Esto puede ser porquese haya pasado por alto la lesion del interosio anterior que es solo motoa, o que se haya sumado a la lesion del mediano como tal la lesio del interoseo anterior que es rama de este.


Previous article Next article. These authors analyzed 45 kids with uncomplicated supracondylar fxs and 16 with lateral condyle fxs.

The other 6 perfused and pulseless pts suprackndileas never had a documented return of pulse suffered no known ill effects of their injury. The brachial artery was directly damaged or transected and underwent saphenous vein graft repair in 3 cases, and was entrapped in the suprracondileas and dissected free in 4 cases.

Tardy ulnar nerve palsy caused by cubitus varus deformity.

Fracturas supracondileas complejas del humero

The average time from injury to surgery was This study pooled data from pulseless supracondylar humeral fracture pts cracturas polled the POSNA membership. Our study showed that a certain degree of rotational remodelling can be expected in supracondylar fractures. Only 4 patients had medial pins removed prior to fracture union, and 2 others had exploration of the ulnar nerve demonstrating no interruption.

As compared to lateral pinning, sipracondileas pinning was associated with a higher rate of ulnar nerve injury. Over a 12 year period, seven children had a pulseless arm and a seemingly viable hand after reduction and fraxturas of a type III supracondylar humerus fracture.

Vascular injuries and their sequelae in pediatric supracondylar humeral fractures: The primary cause of deformity was inadequate reduction with medial tilt. The authors consider there to be fracthras coronal and 2 sagittal patterns. The authors recommend immediate antecubital fossa exploration if an extremity remains pulseless to palpation and Doppler examination after reduction and stabilization, rather than a waitand-watch approach.

Surgical technique for supracondylar fracture of the humerus with percutaneous leverage pinning. J Pediatr Orthop ; 11 2: The authors report 5 cases of cubitus varus associated with dislocation of the medial portion of the triceps tendon and the ulnar nerve over the medial epicondyle with elbow flexion.


Flexion-type supracondylar elbow fractures in children. J Orthop Trauma ; Three observers measured 30 x-rays on two occasions for this study. A mini-open procedure frwcturas recommended for the ulnar Kirschner wire K-wire to prevent iatrogenic ulnar nerve injury.

Lateral condylar fracture of the humerus following posttraumatic cubitus varus. Symptomatic snapping of the triceps tendon can occur, as well as development of ulnar neuropathy. Delay increases the need for ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff open reduction of type-III supracondylar fractures of the humerus. Neurologic complications after K-wire fixation of supracondylar humerus fractures in children.

Neural injuries associated with supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children. Relationship of the anterior humeral line to the capitellar ossific nucleus: Descargar ppt “Fracturas supracondileas complejas del humero”.

Transient Neurological problems are common in this fracture. This meta-analysis suggests that the common opinion of watchful waiting for pulseless and perfused aka pink supracondylars should be supracondildas.

Continuing navigation will be considered as acceptance of this use. She was treated non-operatively 3 weeks in a cast.

Toward a goal of prevention. De ellos, 52 ne incluidos en el estudio. The recovery of elbow range of motion after treatment of supracondylar and lateral condylar fractures of the distal humerus in children. Retrospective review of type III fractures did not find any correlation between length of time between injury and surgical treatment with regard to increased operative time, need for open reduction, length of hospital stay or unsatisfactory result.

Complejo Hospitalario de Ciudad Real.

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