Palavras chave: ciclumig, flor do céu, mestre irineu, santo daime, alto santo, * hinário – a book of hymns; a set of hymns that can belong to one person or in. E alguma coisa na missão do depois mestre Irineu nos remete aos anúncios . Este belo hino abre não apenas o seu Hinário do Cruzeiro, como inaugura a. Other version is that the lyrics never existed and in this case Mestre Irineu would have received only the hymns’ music. Jaime Wanner. *Mestre’s hinário has.

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With water and without smoking, because he was a smoker, he smoked his cigarettes. Then he started, getting to the point of learning how to be a very good reader – and I witnessed it – and learning how to be a very good writer – and I witnessed it – and learning how to be a very good speaker – nestre we witnessed it. We need to educate ourselves. Seventeen years have gone by since the passage of our Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra. No, he waited for the propitious occasions where he could then do that kind of presentation.

He would scream from the top of his lungs and… cross. They started to fight, even couples fight, gossip and judging: Then you go boy, it is there.

The cause of me being alive today I owe to him. And could we, within our conduct as his disciples, do differently? He behaved throughout his terrestrial journey as a common man. He didn’t foresee this. But they had to build a shipyard to take it up river, those enormous felled logs that would be processed in binario to make the boards.

A majestic and luminous cross involving, in the firmament, Our lord Jesus Christ. It went from the humblest to the most evolved. Then he liked to chat about good things. And this is irieu way those people lived.


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A lot of north easterners died, attacked meestre the malaria in that region, and Mestre Irineu faced it all. It honors us to talk openly regarding the value of our Mestre, until the day when it happened [his passage], regardless of our wishes. But regardless of all these people we have to become aware, and to have certainty, that if it happened this way for the others why is it going to be different for each one of us? There is an expression he used when he was going to ask a lady for a dance.

He worn shoes of the size 48 UK. He went irinej everything one can experience. It had to happen this way. And the rubber barons would do everything in their power so that the rubber tapper would never have a surplus, always owing something, enslaving these people in order for them to keep their status, because a lot of seringalistas rubber baronsas we called them, got rich, and the rubber tappers, who were poor, would become even poorer.

He looks from end to end and all the palms were of equal beauty. Well then, it was the place where he actually established himself, with the works ceremonies happening first in his residence, in the residence of each one, until having conditions to make the headquarters of the first works.

First day, second day, third day and he was going through it with much tranquility, even without Daime, inside that jungle, already seeing everything transformed. Therefore I recompose myself and I can’t hide the fact that I am full of wisdom because he is the knowledge, and that being the case I encourage myself to talk a little about the greatness of our Mestre. It was then that he started to wish for a better life, to have a better source of income, because what he earned was a trifle, not being enough for anything.


Germano also desired at this time, and affirmed to himself: Mestre then said, — “The thing is we don’t have any works right now. Then, when he received that hymn, it was during the pick of the concentration.

Mestre Irineu – Luiz Mendes do Nascimento

He lived a common life, our Mestre. Thesis – Isabela Oliveira. Other version is that the lyrics never existed and in this case Mestre Irineu would have received only the hymns’ music. Of course, it is that he would also have to be submitted to another process that is private for each one of us and that anybody can run from, which is the disincarnation process.

What did he do?

Offical Hinários

And thus they started to work together. Tell me something – can that be a truth?

Thus my brothers and sisters it is necessary, even for us to learn how to be more aligned, to bring into focus the difficulties that also went through our Mestre to jrineu that place. The three first hymns were already enough, repeating them, to sing the whole night. We felt difficulty in the works especially because we were intensely persecuted, and he felt the msetre to go deeper into the woods. But he had powers and he would pass it to us.

We aren’t ashamed, just the opposite.

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