Sathya Sai Baba Jnana Vahini. Translated from the Original Telugu Published by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust. The Stream of Eternal Wisdom. This is not just another book on the Nature of Jiva and the technique by which the Jiva discovers its Reality. Bhagavan Sri Sathya. Home; All Courses. Employability Courses. Hospitality · Automotive. Corporate Courses. ESD Control & Management · Realisation of Nano-Satellite.

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It keeps the world afar vahhini bring the Residence of the Lord vahimi reach. The senses might, any moment, regain their lost mastery and enslave the individual. Scholarship in all the Vedas and Sastras, asceticism, mastery of ritual, dedication to japa, charity, pilgrimage – nothing will help in granting that authority.

The mind is then detached from the body and so it is not bothered by physical pain or discomfort. The Special Ed Wiki sarah irvine belson sarah american. The four types of spiritually wise people The greatness of a Jnani is beyond description, even beyond your imagination! And who is this witness? To grasp this mystery, the path of Jnana has to be trodden.

That is the true Divine Principle, the Brahmam. At one state it is called Bhakthi, at a later stage we refer to it as Jnana. Before anything, be pure and holy.

Thus, the Sastras have spoken of ingrained qualities as the basis of caste, not otherwise. So too, unthinking, ignorant persons get convinced of the reality of the objects around them through the influence of Maya. Atmajnana can be won only by the triple path of jnnana up Vasanas’, ‘uprooting the mind’ and ‘the analysis of avhini, to grasp the reality’. How pure is the heart full of Bhakthi to God and Prema towards all things!

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But you can never find bitterness in the bottom and sweetness in the top or sourness in the middle.

They are now like gramophone records, reproducing someone else’s song, incapable of singing themselves, ignorant of the joy of song. Like the category Brahmam, the category Anthar-Atma also is possessed of the same attributes.

Devoid of senses, He makes all senses function. So say the Jnanis. To attribute favouritism to Him is to commit sacrilege.

Catalog Record: Jnana vahini; discourses | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Write a review for this book! For, that is but reaching for the fruit while neglecting the tree!

For every one in the world, whether we believe it or not, two plus two make four; the result does not depend on your likes and dislikes. Of course, among the fruits some may be tender, some unripe, some a little ripe and some fully ripe; and these may differ in taste too as is only natural.

He will know that all along there was only one thing, the rope. You can see without eyes, hear without ears, speak without the vanini, smell without the nose, touch without the body, walk without legs; yes, ever experience without the mind. Therefore, it has no absolute value; vshini is to be treated only as the cloud or the shadow. It is only then that they can understand the real state of things. It is of the nature of Paramananda.


A father with four sons cannot state that one of them has no right to a share in his vabini.

It is then that the seedling of the huge tree which is the Jagath vahihi sprouting, putting forth the leaves of mental impulses or Vasanas, and mental conclusions or Sankalpas. Bhakthi merges in Jnana and becomes identified with it. The Maya faculty is latent, but when it becomes patent, it takes the form of the mind.

Jnana Vahini – वेद Veda

For example, observe this one fact: Of course, the usual producer of drowsiness and sleep during Dhyana is indigestion. This awareness must saturate every thought, word and deed.

Time should not be frittered away; no, not even a minute. Well, it blinds the vision, and lowers the intellect, multiplying sloth, sleep and dullness, leading man along the wrong path, away from the goal.

See life as a manifestation of the three qualities The basis for both jnanw the attraction of the outer world. Time to Spark, Time for Victory Others are extra-wakeful, Mahaajaagrath; their ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ have become too deep-rooted through many births.

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