A compendium of creatures to add to your adventure Legend of the 5 Rings by Khnox in Types [l5r 4e] Secrets of the Empire – Legend of the Five Rings. Smart People Should Build Things: How to Restore Our Culture of Achievement, Build a Path for Entrepreneurs, and Create New Jobs in America. Andrew Yang. I came across this list of various creatures from Japanese Legend that could be easily adapted to L5R to help keep thinks mysterious and.

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The butagen are pig-like humanoids living mostly in the Crab Lands and around the southern Crane Lands. The hanajin are shapeshifters, but unlike others of l5e kind, they can perfectly mimic not only living beings but inanimate objects too.

In their natural form, the hanajin look like strange, multi-limbed humanoids with an assortment of tentacle-like appendages sprouting from their heads; their body is transparent and glows with a soft blue light, but they can change their color and suppress the light to meld into their environment like chameleons.

They can be found in the Crane, Phoenix, and Scorpion Lands, and they are often recruited by entertainers to perform incredible feats of acrobatics and dexterity in public.

It is also kinda like what it says. A pack of them can easily defeat a whole company of samurai, but it is a rare disaster to have them show up in Rokugan in such numbers. Register a new account.

Creatures of Rokugan: Third Edition

The lamia were naga who woke up early and decided to infiltrate human society rather creaturs keep their distance from it. Their presence is tolerated in the Empire because they don’t cause much trouble, but some Lion lords have developed an affinity for hunting cgeatures for sport.


As such, they acquired a very specific mutation: The sedu is a race of centauroids, possessing a lithe body and four-jointed legs that allow them to reach incredible speeds. Sign In Sign Up. What is on the can. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. A guawa looks like a massive lizard, bigger than a warhorse, with an extremely muscular human upper body in place of the lizard’s head and two tusks pointing k5r from the back of its head.

The guawa are fortunately rare sight in Rokugan as they are living in the northernmost parts of the Burning Sands. They are actually civilized and somewhat hard to tell apart from very-very ugly humans.

Big difference is that they are a lot more intelligent and are immune to the Taint. What makes them unique is that they grow from normal trees, resembling oversized versions of the tree’s normal product until they “hatch” – the newborn nariphon will be then viciously protective towards its “mother tree” until a certain time comes and it wanders away, ultimately disappearing from sight.

Their tribes can show up on most rokugani plains but they are not native to these lands but wander into Rokugan from the distant Great Void. Already have an account?


Creatures of Rokugan: Third Edition | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Members of the race are physically extremely powerful, cruel, savage, and arrogant. Contrary to their impressive physical traits, the sedu are not very bright and can be easily manipulated into unreasonable actions. Since they have quite a resilience and a very high resistance against the Taint, the Crab maintains a secret “Butagen Army” and deploys it from time to time against minor Shadowlands incursions.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. They are uncivilized but not actively hostile, tho if their hunting-gathering lifestyle is disturbed lack of food or competition then they will become violent. Many rokugani scholars have tried to pin down this elusive race Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. However this mutation and their extended cut-off from the naga race brought about a rokigan cost: The mogwai are essentially small, furry goblins.

Creatures of Rokugan

They are loud and hyperactive but utterly terrified of conflict – an enjin will run rather than fight if provoked. The enjin are essentially monkeys with an intellect of an adolescent human. Sign in Already have an account?

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