The Artefacts of Power series is a tetralogy of fantasy novels written by British author Maggie Furey. The series revolves around the character Aurian, after whom. To the city of Nexis, where Magefolk rule uneasily over a race of mortals, a young girl named Aurian comes to learn the magic arts. Her dormant powers are. The Artefacts of Power book series by Maggie Furey includes books Aurian, Harp of Winds, Sword of Flame, and several more. See the complete Artefacts of.

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Aurian is perhaps the ne plus ultra of the current trend towards fantasy-romance crossover. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold. Furey imagination often goes wild, throwing in everything into the novels from high seas adventure, slave trading, pirates and brutal gladiatorial contests. Mingling climates are causing unrelenting rains or deadly droughts, while warlike races are preying mercilessly on the helpless and meek.

Two warriors and a firedrake embark on an urgent mission to find him — before the Dragons do. The Curtain Walls have fallen — leaving the world of Myrial vulnerable to unknown enemies from other realms. Men looking for the grittiness and seriousness of Martin or Kay or Turtledove should probably steer clear.

I have to admit I loved artifaxts way Furey combined the tropes of both fantasy and romance so that the one effectively served to comment satirically upon the other.

Artefacts of Power Series by Maggie Furey

Eilin the Earth Mage lives far from Nexis in a self-imposed exile after her husband is led to his death by the machinations of Miathan. If this occurs, any hope of avoiding the deepening crisis will be destroyed.

I’m also about to start writing non-fanfiction as well. In Januaryinspired by David Tennant’s performances as matgie Tenth Doctor, I took up writing “Doctor Who” fan-fiction and no, I don’t intend to try to publish it anywhere except on my Blog. View my complete profile. Aurian attempts to claim the Sword of Flame, for she has discovered that she is the One for whom it was created, but in order to claim and wield it, she must bond to it via the blood of a loved one, and she refuses to do so.

Their Odyssey sees them return to Nexis the holy city where they hope to finally defeat Miathan the crazed Archamage. These four Artefacts are wielded by different Magefolk who, at the outset of the story, are few in number — and even fewer in number by its end.


The swordsman wants to help teach the young Aurian the ancient art of swordsmanship, and it is not long before they are inseparable.

Now, Aurian and a few allies travel into an uncertain future. In ages past, there had been four magical weapons, fashioned to be used only by the Magefolk. The heroine is only one of the small band of Mage that lives in the wild woods with her mother.

But this friendship infuriates Miathan, and leads to a deadly conflagration, in which the first Artefact is revealed. Into her life wanders the mortal swordsman Forral, who is determined to help raise the young girl out of respect for her father, a powerful mage who died in a spectacular, accidental or was it?

The rest as they say is history. By the end of the week, she had read the entire Narnia Chronicles and The Hobbit by the end of the month. Aurian is a highly entertaining story that, with a boundless sense of “sky’s the limit” confidence, unapologetically runs the gamut from heroic high adventure to bodice-ripper which is, I’m told, a very pejorative term amongst the romance set, but hey.

Eliseth seizes the Sword, only to discover she cannot wield it and it is not until the final battle with Eliseth after Miathan has been killedthat Aurian is able to claim it. Fantasy novel series Novel series s fantasy novel stubs. Forral wins over the often violent protests of Aurian’s mother and helps to raise the girl into a strong-willed young woman; he also teaches her the art of swordsmanship, if only to distract her curious mind from the further study of the hazardous Fire-magic that claimed her father.

Furey, Maggie – Artifacts of Power 1 – Aurian – PDF Free Download

What makes Aurian work as well as it does is that Furey writes the story with much self-awareness. This encouragement is what kept her going even when she had to work as a legal secretary — one of the worst jobs she ever held.

Rich, colourful and infinitely enchanting it is a work that will give enormous pleasure to fantasy readers.

Featuring gladiatorial arenas, telepathic cats, scheming women, mages, and corrupt kings, powsr novels will transport the reader back to the good old days when women used to wear chain mail or robes, artifactss fight with swords. But the Shadowleague, the council responsible for peace and order, is beginning to tear itself apart. While there are fantasy novelists who impress by raising the literary standards of the genre, we should not, in our admiration of their work, lose sight of the genre’s simpler, fairy tale, wish fulfillment roots.


As you might have guessed by now, magecraft in Furey’s world is divided along elemental lines.

Furey, Maggie – Artifacts of Power 1 – Aurian

The world of Myrial is racing toward apocalypse. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you og to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Aurian the lead protagonist has been brought up by her mageborn mother, deep in the forest after the death of her father.

The fecal matter hits the fan in a big way, and Aurian and Anvar find themselves fleeing for their lives from a vengeful Miathan, who in his rage has unleashed powerful demons using one of the forbidden Artifacts of Power that were responsible for a great devastation ages ago.

Arrtifacts, it’s about as arch and melodramatic a novel as you’re likely to find without the Silhouette imprint on the cover. When Aurian discovers that she may have some supernatural powers, Forral advises her mother opwer enroll her at the Academy, where most of the talented Mage go to school.

Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations. A slaughter by brutal winged invaders has left the city of Fudey reeling, and the laws governing reality itself no longer seem to hold. Under the rule of a renegade leader, the Shadowleague slowly gathers itself together from its tattered remnants and braces for a devastating attack meant to shatter it forever.

Aurian, the child of renegade Mages, finds herself sent to the city of Nexis to join the Academy and then train as a full Mage. Our heroine is one of only a handful of Magefolk, living deep in the woods with mzggie cold and distant mother.

Disco legendo libros; scribendo cogito. I don’t know if a steady diet of books like Aurian would be the best thing, but even the most health-conscious dieter caves in and qrtifacts a little ice cream once in a while. I learn by reading books; I think by writing.

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